Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka is one of the busiest cities while almost all the tourists and visitors pass this mighty area during a tour in Sri Lanka. For the locals, it is a daily visit for work purposes, schooling, shopping or for almost anything.

With the rise in attention to tourism in the country, lots of hotels are coming up, undergoing refurbishment or upgraded and the star classification is now a rating system to select the hotels.

Unfortunately, many refer to the ratings from the websites such as TripAdvisor, Booking, Agoda and classify the hotels while the real Star Classification from the SLTDA (Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority) is neglected.

Below are the original 5 Star Classified hotels in Colombo:

(The list is not in any order. All are 5 star hotels)

Cinnamon grand


The Cinnamon Grand is one of the highly reputed 5 star hotels in Colombo. With over 400 rooms, multiple signature restaurants including Nuga Gama, one of Colombo’s highlights, a shopping arcade within close proximity, Cinnamon Grand is a truly celebrated 5 Star hotel in Colombo.

Try the Nuga Gama meals. This signature restaurant is formed under a large Banyan tree and everything resembles a rural village with Wattle & Daub constructions, village ladies at the cooking. All food are authentic Sri Lankan menus.

The Kingsbury


This is one 5 Star hotel in Colombo that has the absolutely stunning view of the Indian Ocean. Famous for it’s Sky Lounge – the Rooftop bar, The Kingsbury is home for 03 restaurants, a collection of 180+ room count in total and ranks as one of the best Buffet Menu hotels in Colombo.

Try the Sky Lounge in the evening. The setting sun along with a chilled beer goes really smooth over here.

Cinnamon Lakeside


Another member of the mighty Cinnamon Hotels that come under the John Keells umbrella is the Cinnamon Lakeside. Over 340 rooms in total along with a great restaurant and a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the lake, this hotel is one of the most elegant 5 star hotels in Colombo.

8 Degrees on the Lake is a great choice for cocktails or corporate functions. The boat takes rounds in the lake for hours while it’s a great experience for everyone. Be friendly with the caption and he let’s you steer the boat for a while.

Hilton Colombo


One of the most popular Wedding locations of the Sri Lankans is the Hilton Colombo. With over 380+ rooms in the hotel, The Hilton Colombo is another 5 star classified hotel in Colombo.

Similar to the Nuga Gama restaurant of Cinnamon Grand, The Curry Leaf Restaurant of Hilton Colombo is another great restaurant to taste authentic Sri Lankan food in the real Sri Lankan way.



One of Colombo’s early stage 5 Star hotels is the Galadari Hotel. With over 400+ rooms in operation, this hotel is in the heart of Colombo alongside The Kingsbury and Hilton Colombo. The Margarita Blue Retro Pub is one of the most popular chillaxing places for Fridays.

The Presidential Floor Suite Room is meant for Royalty and the prices are super expensive.

Taj Samudra Colombo


This hotel is really hard to miss when passing Colombo. With the absolutely stunning Ocean views, the Taj Samudra Colombo is equipped with 290+ rooms in operation. Facing the Galle Face Green, this is one of Colombo’s most significant hotels that has very large Ballrooms and facilities.

The Navaratne Indian restaurant provides with great Indian cuisine. Try the Mango Lassi if you get a chance.

That’s the end of the list of the Official 5 star classified hotels in Colombo. Do not decide on the online ratings or user reviews but these hotels are verified to be called as the only 5 star hotels you can find in Colombo.

To be thorough, you can see the Plaque at the entrance of the hotels to showcase the official Star category the hotel has received.

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March 1, 2016

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