Hi, I'm Meshaun.

I am from Sri Lanka, one of the most amazing countries one could ever wish for!
My family is so amazing and I am really thankful to God for putting me here. My dad is awesome and my mom is second to none.. I have a very pretty sister who considers herself as the Most Awesome sister ever 🙂

I live in Moratuwa and Moratuwa in my idea is world's greatest city! The people are awesome, friendly and it is by far the most comforting city I've known

My parents are from Moratuwa and they are an awesome couple. Well, if I put it like that, there's no reason to question how myself and my sister are awesome too..

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Moratuwa is the most amazing city one could ever think of!
The people are amazing and I know almost all parts of this wonderful town. It is a city very popular for the Musicians of Sri Lanka and well of course for so many other people.. It is a very simple city with a lot of complex places and interesting locations. Moratuwa is home for many icons of the country including the world famous cricket Romesh Kaluwitharana, famous movie producer Sunil T., the famous band Gypsies etc.

I live in a small island in Moratuwa, called Kaduruduwa. The island is very small but you can see that in the map next. It's a great location as it's covered with the river from all sides and the only way in and out to this island is a bridge. Isn't that cool?

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What I like..

I love traveling and DIY (Do It Yourself). I want to explore and learn new things. Starting from writing on the internet just like to cooking new food to learning fun facts of the world. I love to sit at one place and watch movies all day while mom brings me tea and coffee throughout the day. Sometimes before I used to write, I mean short stories, poems and stuff but I don't think that they were any good. 🙂 Learning tech stuff is another interest of mine. I put out this website on my own, learned the stuff alone and even designing and drawing images using Photoshop and stuff using YouTube.
I like reading different articles on the websites such as Lifehacker, Askmen, Dailymail etc.