Sounds a bit interesting right? As a Sri Lankan, I gotta say that we are a nation that has thousands of documented history and a great sense of art. To be honest, since the ancient times, many creations were built, crafted, sculptured with art, passion and cultural taste. Laksala is all about this.

I am a fan of unique crafts and there are lots of craft supply shops in Colombo. Infact, if you check for the tourist hotspots, you can find lots of these stores because the tourists are very attracted to our crafts and arts.

Laksala, the only State owned Crafts supply store chain operates with 13 branches islandwide. The most important feature of Laksala is that all products are carefully crafted / manufactured with high standards and the profits are mainly focussed to facilitate the living conditions of the manufacturers, the rural villagers and their families.

Laksala focuses to support the families and improve the living standards of the people.
Laksala focuses to support the families and improve the living standards of the people.

elephant crafts

Elephants are often used to symbolize Sri Lanka Wildlife and is a major part of the Sri Lankan art. With a sizeable amount of elephants in various parts of the country, they are often in show at the Annual Perahera’s and many occasions as well. At Laksala, you get to see a wide range of wood-crafts on elephants.


The masks are a true identity of Sri Lanka. With colorful yet unusual┬ádesigns are often found in homes, art galleries and these mask faces have a long story to unfold. These masks are often seen at drama’s and local musicals.


Laksala has a separate section dedicated to Religious statues and crafts. Buddhist statues are widely seen and justifiable considering that the majority are Buddhists.

cane products / sesath

Cane items are gaining popularity because of the the beautify and simplicity of them. Many products such as home-ornaments, cases, mats are produced.

tea / shoes / clothing

Ceylon Tea is world famous. No wonder that Laksala has a separate section that sells Tea products. Well, the shoes and slippers are also available at Laksala for purchase.


Go ahead, just have a visit to one of their stores. You’ll be amazed on the product range they offer. It’s not that easy to select one item to buy because you start to like all the items that are for sale.

Call Laksala: Thummulla store

(+94) 011 2580579
(+94) 011 5846168

Oh don’t worry, they are open throughout the year. So, it’s only when you can make time to make a visit to the best Crafts items shop in Colombo.



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February 15, 2016

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