Surrounded by the lush-greenery of the Hills, the minimalist Luxury Wellness Resort (One and Only in Sri Lanka) welcomes me to Santani (Harmony/Uninterrupted line). It is no wonder that people are reaching out for Wellness Resorts such as Santani where you can unwind and connect with yourself, connect to nature, connect to more people because at Santani, all focus is on you and you alone. Sri Lanka being a beautiful tropical country, Santani - Luxury Wellness Resort adds a new niche market of tourists who would love to find that tranquility and to re-invent oneself. 


Santani is located 32 KMs away from Kandy. Easiest is to travel via the Gannoruwa road, arrive to Theldeniya-WerapiSantani locationtiya road. The traveling is through a very narrow road and the road conditions are not at best. A car might not be the most ideal but a Van or a SUV could b easily used for this. I traveled in a Mini-Coach (Toyota Coaster) and the Santani team called for the resort Van to pick us up from the mid-section and used the van to take us to the resort. The roads are bumpy and goes through tea estates with amazing views as well. The average travel time from Kandy to Santani Wellness Resort would be 1hr 30mins

What's special about Santani?

Well, what isn't? Santani is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and there's a lot more to what meets the eye. The resort is on a hill which is 2200ft. above sea level and is that it? 

Not really! Santani is designed to be a place where the people can unwind themselves and find tranquility. The real story behind Santani is actually fascinating as well. KPMG - USA decided that their executives should focus on Wellness care each year and that this increases productivity and loyalty to the company. A Sri Lankan who worked at KPMG had traveled to various Wellness Resorts around the world and thought of creating one in Sri Lanka where this was still a developing concept other than Ayurveda. Kandy, a significant city with elevated land and lush hills was selected and within a few years, Santani was built up. 

Santani Wellness Resort is now the only resort in Sri Lanka that offers Yoga - Meditation - Detoxing programs - tailored meals - professional consultation - detaching from electronic devices - finding inner self - wind into nature resort in Sri Lanka. A lot to take in? 

The Accommodation

The resort has 20 rooms (16 chalets + 02 of the Two-bedded family rooms) neatly located at ideal spaces. Walk into a chalet and you can see that they are quite simple. In fact, the high-end luxury is replaced with simplicity. Instead of the Air-Conditioning, you have natural air flowing through vents, instead of the built-in speaker systems, you have the nature sounds when you open the doors. The comfortable bed along with a spacious balcony makes it perfect for a day at leisure at Santani.

Treatments and Wellness

Santani specialises in Yoga - Meditation - Fitness activities - Ayurveda - Detoxing - Hydrotherapy - Steam sauna - Thermal salt pool (first in Sri Lanka) - Spa treatments and this is only the beginning. The list runs quite long and you'll be amazed of what you can find here at Santani.

While having a chat with Mr. Saliya Amarathunga (Sales & Reservations Manager for the resort) mentioned that this resort is a list of Firsts for the Sri Lankan hospitality. With specialists from India and countries that specialise in Wellness Resorts, Santani brings the standard to a whole new level.

There is a large Yoga shaala (room) that can easily host over 40 people and there is an in-house Yoga Master who is British. The Thermal Salt Pool is one amazing experience. After the Steam Sauna, when the skin pores are all open, a dip in this Salt Pool with magnesium and other minerals refreshes you in a way you can energized instantly. 

The in-house shop provides the opportunity to purchase any Ayurvedic treatments for the clients if they want to. Also, the doctors and team will always assist even after the clients leave the resort. If you want assistance with Meal plans, medical advises, the after-sales program is in action.

Meals and cuisine

Ahh, one of my favorites..

I was offered with a choice of cup of Chamomile Tea or a cup of Beli-mal (Golden Apple) with a piece of jaggery. I chose the cup of Beli-mal and it was quite delicious and in the right heat as well. 

The lunch was rich of flavors and exclusivity. The meat items were imported but the poultry and most vegetables are from the neighborhood. The resort provides with AI Meal plan (All Inclusive) so you are entitled for Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast plus the teas and snacks. 

At last...

Santani Wellness Resort & Spa in Kandy is one of the most iconic Wellness Resorts in Sri Lanka. Though it is also open for tourists who would like to stay even without the medical treatments, I'm sure that any client would be interested in getting a treatment or two.

At least a stay has to be of two nights because once you get to Santani, you won't feel like checking-out any sooner. All you want to do is enjoy the tranquility and get that peace-in-mind feeling. If you are interested in trying something that is definitely beyond just visiting touristic places, this is the long awaited Wellness Resort you have been waiting for..

Visit the official website for Santani: and you can get all details about their product. 

December 1, 2016

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