Bentota is famous for the beach stays and the water sports. I was lucky enough to experience both during my visit to Bentota back in February 2015. Reaching Bentota is quite easy both on the Galle Road or using the E1 Expressway. The drive is about 1 ½ hrs. using the Galle Road and about 45 minutes of drive on the E1 Expressway.

Bentota is a vast strip of hotels lining up and quite popular as a beach destination. There are many reliable suppliers for water sports and games along the Bentota – Aluthgama river strip. From one end the ocean ties the knot and the river area runs along into the country making quite a nice scenario for Boat rides as well.

My supplier for the water sports in Bentota was Diyakawa Water Sports Center. The center is run by a Russian Speaking Tour guide by the name of Niroshan and he and his team does quite a good job compared to the other suppliers.

With a warm welcome, Niroshan welcomed us and we were led to the sitting-area that hot-tea was served. Well of course you need to keep in mind that this is no restaurant and the refreshments would be very basic. Forgot to mention my team right? It was Chathura and Lakshitha, some awesome dudes I know from office.

We were given a room for changing and we stripped into shorts which was quite comfortable. I had my wet-proof shorts and my selection was alright. Niroshan gave us life-jackets and we looked like characters from the movie Predator…

First we enjoyed the Sofa-Bed ride, where a tube kinda in the shape of a Bed was put to the water, had one end tied to a boat with a rope. The boat started moving and so did we as the Sofa-Bed was already attached. After starting slow and easy, the boat kinda went into turns and twirls which made the Sofa-Bed rock and slide all along. You should hold on tight or I promise you, you are gonna be thrown overboard into the water for sure. This happened to my friend Lakshitha and boy!!! He didn’t know how to swim J Because of the life-jacket, nobody drowns and the team quickly comes and puts you on the boat for sure.

There’s the Tube-Ride, the Boat ride, Banana Ride as well as my personal favorite, the Jet Skis! I had never ever tried a Jet Ski until that day and I was sure excited. Diyakawa Water Sports center had brought in new Jet Skis and we were the first to try them out. There were instructors who taught us how to operate these beast machines and after a while, it’s no rocket science. The Start button is there, the speed is controlled like riding a bike and for sure, no breaks!

I was like riding the Jet skis pretty fast and I mean as fast as it goes. I think I did about the 70 mph and that of course was fully amazing. You can literally feel your jaws being captive of the speedy-winds and the speed of course is unbelievable. With the waves of the river, sometimes you tend to fall and I was absolutely sure that I was gonna fall off a couple of times. The Jet Skis are pretty much balanced and for sure God put an eye over there to keep me safe J

After riding the Jet Skis in the Bentota river for so long, it was time to test for skills. Of course the team of the Diyakawa Water Sports Center does so much of tricks compared to what we thought we did as tricks and plays. Haha.

Niroshan was kind enough to provide us with a lovely dinner by his Jetty and it was quite delicious. We had a very good time at Bentota enjoying the water sports and I’m sure that I will be back for that experience again and again.

October 22, 2015

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