Watersports are an eye-catchy activity that many enjoy off the southwest coast as well as the east coast. Well, anyone can say that Bentota is doing really well when it comes to Watersports because there are lots of suppliers in the area promoting fun activities from banana boat rides, river safari’s to even the Jet-skis. Could Negombo be next?

It’s no secret that the south-west / southern coast is much popular for the beach stays and the clients who come for the beach stay obviously wanna have fun during their stay. But, almost all these watersports are done along the river banks or lagoon areas. Even at Bentota, none of the suppliers promote the Banana boat rides at sea, rather, they do this on the river where there is a large area for all crowds to have fun and mainly, be safe.

I came across a supplier who started watersports in the Negombo lagoon. Well, at first anyone would be thinking “whaaat??” Negombo? Yeah that’s right.. Negombo. It’s already famous for the fishing village, the overnight stays at the hotels because it’s only less than a 30 minute drive from the Airport in Colombo; Katunayake.

I have been to Jetwing Lagoon, a hotel which is not in the beach strip but a little further towards the Colombo side but this hotel obviously faces the large lagoon. Needless to say, the lagoon area is vast, maybe more than the surface area we have for Bentota too. Below are two images of the two locations

negombo lagoon area
Negombo Lagoon area

Bentota bay area
Bentota bay area

Jet Water Sports is the only supplier who operates these water sports at the Negombo lagoon for now. Well, they have quite a few advantages over this:

  • No competition or rivals
  • The whole Lagoon is open for their clients to have fun
  • Gets them the monopoly for water sports at the Negombo Lagoon
  • Support from the Jetwing Hotels and maybe other hotels in the area

Afterall, water sports at Negombo will not be a bad idea at all. To be honest, it might take some time for them to come up to speed but if they do it right, having water sports at Negombo will be a better option because they can cater all sorts of tourists who stay at Negombo or even Colombo.

At the moment they are working on increasing their equipment and boats to be able to cater large groups around 100 pax at one time. However, as long as the suppliers at Bentota do not focus on providing the water-sports at sea, there is a pretty good shot for Jet Water Sports to grow at Negombo.

That is of course if no other suppliers are in town. But maybe, if there are no suppliers, things could also be better because with competition, things are bound to be better and surprisingly superior in service too.


Do you think Negombo could be the next hotspot for water sports in Sri Lanka?

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January 23, 2016

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