World Trade Center, Colombo | Sri Lanka is by far the tallest building in Sri Lanka. It stands tall up to 499 ft. = 152m. Built in 1996, it is only second to a very few upcoming projects in Sri Lanka (Lotus Tower/Hyatt Regency Hotel etc.). The World Trade Center has 02 Towers of the same size and configuration and exactly the same height. They are called the East Tower and the West Tower and this mighty tower is located at the Echelon Square in Colombo 01, Sri Lanka.

I had the valuable chance to go up to the 36th floor of this giant tower where the remaining 04 floors are restricted for entry. I entered the West Tower and went straight up to the 36th floor with the elevator. Well, it didn’t even feel like going up for 36 floors as the elevating was very smooth and quick.

The below shows some of the view from the 36th floor and it is amazing.

The major highlight was the Colombo Port and this looks much large and beautiful than checking out on the Google Maps for sure. I could see up to Mount Lavinia from one end and beyond the Colombo Port to some extent. The view is outstanding and I believe I had a very rare chance as the public is not allowed on this area for viewing.

This was a very good experience and a chance I had to go see Colombo from possibly the highest point as of now 🙂

September 16, 2015

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