We have all heard of the Sigiriya rock fortress, the UNESCO World Heritage site as well as the proud touristic location where thousands visit each year. Ever heard of Yapahuwa? Maybe you have or maybe not. Alright, Let me make it quite simple and easy for you.

Yapahuwa comes in as the fourth Kingdom of the Sri Lanka. An interesting fact is that the Tooth Relic (Lord Buddha’s) was at Yapahuwa while it was an active kingdom back in the day.

Reaching Yapahuwa is quite easy. Get to Kurunegala, then drive to Maho and from the Maho town, it’s about only 6 KMs. From Colombo, the driving time will be around 03 hours in total. Okay, now that you know how to get to Yapahuwa (well, get Google Maps on your phone) it’s all about seeing and exploring the place.

At first, you get through the ramparts and then the moat. Sounds like Sigiriya yeah? Then you see the Buddhist temple and you should enter the premises. Here you can purchase the bottles of water, make a donation to the temple and all. The people are very nice, you see the devotees visiting the temple, lighting candles etc.


Then you get to the climb the centuries old-solid rock flight of stairs. Reminds a little of Sigiriya again and maybe there is a similar resemblance as well.

Trust me, though it seems like a small effort, the steps are quite narrow. So, you will have to angle your foot so that you will climb up easy.

After climbing up the stairs, you get to see ruins of an ancient construction. I think that this could be a palace but there are no inscriptions or anything to prove this. However, what should be kept in mind is that How did the engineers create this much of constructions on top a rock? This is beautifully crafted and precisely done.


After checking up the ruins, you can climb up further. There is a small pathway that leads anyone on to the top of the giant rock.

The stairs, stairs and again the stairs. What I wonder is how difficult it could have been to climb up this rock day and night during the royalty times.

On the top, you see ruins of some old constructions. Then, the hoisted Buddhist flag of course!

If you noticed, Sri Lanka had a 10 Rupee note and the note had a lion structure. See below:

Yapahuwa is a great place to visit on a day tour. It’s easy access, quite the historic place and makes us wonder about the craftsmanship of the ancestors. Why not add this to your bucket list and make it a great family trip? [spacer height=”20px”]



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February 19, 2016

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