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First Ever ATV Adventure Park in Sri Lanka!

Growing up, all kids love toys. Toys become an obsession for many. What if, there are toys for the adults as well? Here comes the ATV’s for that. All Terrain Vehicles, often referred as ATV’s are here in Colombo! The First ever ATV Adventure Park is open in the suburbs of Colombo, at Buthpitiya.

How to get there?

The drive from Colombo is nearly 1 1/2 hrs, with easy Google Maps navigation. The road condition is not bad at all, easily traveled by Car or similar.

What’s this place?

Crate Adventure Park is one of a kind in Sri Lanka. With acres of land in sight, surrounded by mountains and lush-greenery, this place boastfully displays it’s Nature-bound environment. With a basic office premise upon arrival, the setup is quite minimal.

A training on riding the ATV’s are provided by the experts at the Adventure Park for all participants. It’s easy, just like a bike, with the acceleration and brakes in clear sight. After a trial drive, you get the feel of it and the total control of the ATV.

The hike

As a warm-up to settle in to the adventure, we had a hike up to the nearby mountains. The trail is very natural, through the jungle and the bushes. The sights that you pass on this hike are quite beautiful and breathless.

ATV Ride

The ATV ride is the main attraction here at Crate Adventure Park. With a thrilling experience, these ATV’s became an obsession actually. The ATV ride through the mud-tracks, off the rocks (quite safe) and also the narrow paths in the jungle are literally the best 30 minutes of the day.

Well of course with an additional charge, you can ride the ATV’s as much as you want. The packages vary with the duration for the ATV rides.

package prices

The standard package, including the 1 hour ATV Ride, the Hike to the Elephant Rock would be USD 80.00 (LKR 14000) net per person. However, with seasonal discounts, the prices can be negotiated up to USD 45.00 (LKR 8190).

Lunch at Crate Adventure

As it was around 10.00am when the whole ATV experience started, by the time it ended, it was lunch time. The team at Crate Adventure was kind enough to arrange for a delicious, vegetarian meal spread for us.

canoe ride

The last part of the Crate Adventure package is the free-roam Canoe ride. This self-paddled canoe ride is in the lake in front would be the perfect end to a day full of adventure, fun and excitement.

The ATV Rides, the Hike, The Canoe Ride and the delicious lunch completes a Full day at the Crate Adventure park. This is quite the Day outing from Colombo, with easy access. This is most fun with a group of friends, a family with grown-up kids or even for Couples as well.


Call: +94 77 700 7177
+94 71 772 7777

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