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Supuwath Arana

Supuwath Arana” which comes under the archdioceses of Colombo, is a Psycho-Spiritual, Social, Integral, Holistic Formation Center, situated at Seeduwa Sri Lanka. This Center is a charitable organization which spans a 6½ Acre landscape. The landscaping and environment have been created to suit the atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

The Centre provides guidance to Children, Youth, Parents Animators, Teachers, and Families, to become; more divine, powerful, enthusiastic, responsible, target oriented human beings. The Center caters to a large population of the community irrespective of their beliefs and faiths. All programs held at the center are conducted free of charge.

+94 112 259 223

Open from 06.00am to 08.00pm daily

What is this place?

This is one of the interesting places I have been and always try to. You don’t have to be a Roman Catholic or a religious follower, but you surely will feel the presence of the wholeness during any visit. The tranquil environment, the connecting with mother nature, the calmness of the visitors who engage in prayers for hours make you feel spending more and more time at the Supuwath Arana.

With pathways, bridges, water fountains, tree-shadows marking your pathway, there’s so much to explore within the 6 acres of land. Each of my visits would last at least 3 hours, spending time in prayer, wondering how magnificient this place becomes every time I visit, with so many changes and so many miraculous designs.

why would you visit?

Feeling stressed? Need a quick getaway from everything? Want to connect with God? For a non-catholic, wanting to find your inner self by meditating? Problems worry you and need someone to talk with? You came to the right place. Supuwath Arana is everything.

It is so miraculous that such a beautiful place is built from scratch, on a marshy land where nothing seemed to be grown. Today, hundreds of trees, countless statues, places of worship and prayer rooms are built for anyone who is interested.

Prayer times and masses

Supuwath Arana opens everyday at 06.00 am and closes at 08.00 pm. During this time, all are welcome to explore, spend time, pray and also to reflect upon life and to get guidance from the selected.

On every Wednesday at 07.00 pm and Friday at 07.00 am, two masses are hosted for the faithful. There are over 2000 people who come for these two events and much more join it with the Live broadcast as well.

There are so many miracles and healing the sick moments during these holy events and Fr. Darrel – the founder and caretaker to this wonderful place himself blesses and gives life-advice to anyone interested. Lucky for me, we too had the opportunity to meet Fr. Darrel and to get his blessing.

Happy visiting this lovely place and may you all feel the freedom from all your sorrows, be closer to the happiness and enjoy life as it should be. Amen!

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